After finding an appointment time that works for you (appointments available Monday through Saturday with evening appointments available), the Teddy’s Ruff Riders customized mobile grooming salon will arrive at your home. If you’d prefer to meet Katie, she’d love to find a time where that would work. Otherwise, let her know if there’s a garage code or spare key she can use to meet your pet for their full-service grooming experience.
Professional groomers recommend having your pet groomed approximately every six weeks. Any longer than that, and grooming becomes increasingly complex at the next appointment. Plus, having your pet professionally groomed on this schedule helps you and your groomer look for any health concerns your pet may display and address them before they become too severe.
Not at all! The Teddy’s Ruff Riders mobile grooming salon is an extremely fuel-efficient vehicle with low emissions. It might even be more fuel efficient than your personal vehicle! And the grooming experience with Teddy’s Ruff Riders uses all-natural shampoos and grooming products, which are good for both your pets and the planet.
Make sure either you’ll be at your home, or that Katie has a way to access your pet. Also, Katie will need to see up-to-date vaccination records for your pet before the appointment begins.
Absolutely! Packages are available for small dogs (Yorkies, mini poodles, etc.), medium dogs (cocker spaniels, schnauzers, etc.), large dogs (standard poodles, golden retrievers, Labradors, etc.).