Service Package

Most of these services are “add-ons” at other salons, which could mean an additional $40-50 per visit. But not at Teddy’s Ruff Riders – one price gives your pet the full-service pampering they deserve!
The Teddy’s Ruff Riders full-service package is the ultimate all-inclusive grooming experience. For one session price, your pet will experience…
  • Bath

    Two baths and a conditioning treatment (Katie guarantees the cleanest pet in town!)
    Shed-away (if needed)
    Teeth brushing
    Anal gland expression

  • Massage

    Blow drying (all drying is done by hand – no cage drying here!)
    Brush and comb out

  • Grooming

    Haircuts (to breed standards or owners desired style)
    *Carding/hand stripping (removes the undercoat so the texture, appearance and color of your pet’s coat is at its very best!)
    Flea treatment (if needed)

*coat condition, behavior, age, health all factors in what can be safely done on your dog