Give your puppy the best start!

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Did you know, getting your puppy groomed by a professional on a regular basis helps with socialization and teaches them to tolerate being handled by anyone outside of their new families? Set your puppy up for success! How he ends up is entirely in your hands


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To maintain a full coat like this takes daily brushing, it’s not for most peoples life styles. But she is very pretty.


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Even though we leave this beautiful boy only 1inch long, that doesn’t mean he can’t look like a show dog! Haircuts like this are only possible with the dedication of the owner to brush the dog regularly, but they are so fun to do! >

Tech and Rambo

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Everyone needs a shoulder rub every once in awhile… Stay warm out there the next couple days! We will be off the roads til Tuesday. Oh and that’s two of my babies, Rambo the cat and Tech the rottie.